Social network for mothers. Publishing, special, contests, data bases of attractive sites for children, blogs outstanding, forums, internal mail, managing content of publicity, classified of transaction.
Social network of women based on the masculine infidelity. Development to size. Data base of unfaithful men who register the users of the social network. Internal network of blogs. Mail between users and pursuit of contents of other users.
Virtual community designed and developed for the Association of Commercial Technicians and Economists of the State. It combines zone of public information with manager of contents and a zone deprived with access restricted by means of code. The private zone is a virtual community that segments and orders the information generated by the members and allows the communication among them through internal mail. Consultant's office in the structuring of the project.
Integration of virtual community of readers along with Publishes Digitalis in The readers can publish publishing contents, albums of photos, videos, participate in debates, follow other readers, write blogs or to communicate among them through internal mail. Administration of the community.
Virtual community for Association of Judges and Substitute Magistrates. High of users previous authorization of the administrator. Clafisicación of the information generated by the users. Sections with exclusive initiative of the administrator. Internal mail. Pursuit of contents of other members.
City council of Durón
Pioneering experience in the town of Durón for, through a virtual neighbor community, to involve in the life from the town the people who emigrated to the cities.
Conversion of digital magazine in social network for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Double menu superior facilitates the navigability. Internal mail between members. Classified announcements, autogenerated contents 100%, classification of contents, bulletin rolls, manager. Service of administration and animation of the community. Natural positioning of the page in finders.
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