Our team of designers looks for the best formulas to present/display the contents generated by the social network.
We balance the visual load of the page
We look for look & feel different
We construct navigable networks
We design the advertizing spaces
We combine digital designs for virtual communities with model-making of vestibules and magazines. redesenred belongs to the Group Publishes Digitalis, specialized in solutions for online means.
Consultant's office in the publication model-making 2.0
Design of widgets for publication covers
Designs of communities of readers in vestibules, magazines
and newspapers online
Our software of community incorporates all the functionalities that need a social network, private virtual community or professional network to offer to its members all the possibilities of communication and interaction:
Profiles of editable members with categories and subcategories of
Internal mail.
Different levels from privacy of the information.
Possibility of making the contents private public or (only accessible to the members of the network).
Publication of videos, the news, photographies, albums of photos, archives.
Voting of contents.
Commentaries on all the contents.
Blogs personal for the members of the network.
Registry with traditional system, codes of security or OpenID.
Compatibility with the great social networks (Facebook, MySpace…).
Statistics of contents more seeing, voting, member online, last
members, last contents…
Internal Chat.
Commentaries referred to the profile of the members.
Manager of banners advertizing.
Manager of newsletters.
Google application friendly.
Pursuit of contents of members.
Restriction and circuits for friendships.
Creation of groups.
Module of classified announcements
If their needs are not covered by the community software with redesenred, we developed a project custom-made:
We integrate virtual newspaper communities and digital magazines.
We develop to social networks and complex professional communities
for all the sectors of activity.
We program participating projects with high audio-visual load.
We develop applications for FaceBook, Myspace and other great ones
Development of all type of applications and Web 2.0.

Social networking